Twante is a town belonging to the province of Ragún, in Burma. There is a small school, which has 140 children enrolled at the moment. When children finish elementary school (5th grade), they have to go to another school to study middle and high school. The school management could teach the middle level if it had one more building. Thus children will not have to walk long and dangerous paths to continue their teaching.

On November 6, 2016, taking advantage of the NYC Marathon celebration, and through the participation of some members of the board of trustees in the race, funds were raised for the construction of the high school in the town of Twante.

In 2018, and thanks to the solidarity effort of many donors, the construction works of the school were completed, making its official inauguration in January 2018.

project execution


Twante is a town belonging to the province of Yagon, in Burma.

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